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A Wine for Every Taste

With a full range of wines for you to choose from, we’re certain we have just the right bottle (or more than one) to fall in love with.  Personally, we have three favorites.  Red, White and Blush!


Wine List

Sugar Level

Wine Name

Wine Description


(0) Seyval Crisp – Great with scallops
(1) Pinot Grigio Mild – Good with chicken/turkey
(2) Riesling Delicate – Good with salads and vegetables
(3) Chardonnay Earthy – Great with poultry, pork or veal
(4) Niagara Has the flavor of a fresh picked grape


Petite Sirah Perfect with beef or lamb – Has a hint of oak
(0) Cabernet Pungent & Spicy – Great with grilled or braised beef
(1) Merlot Earthy taste – Good with beef and chocolate
(4) Fredonia Full fruity flavor – Great with salads
(4) Blackberry 100% Natural – Surprisingly light body


(3) White Zinfandel Beautiful Blush – Rich in flavor
(4) Catawba Splashy and playful – Light and fruity

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